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Our Story

Why you need to choose Jetspeed:

We are a growing owner operated company.  We strive to bring you professional performance and go the extra mile for you.  

We use our 15 years of hands on knowledge delivering aviation fuel to build a Cost Effective, Dependable, Reliable, Knowledgable, Experience, Dedicated and Specialized solely in the highest quality delivery of Aviation fuel possible.  If you look for these values in your distribution company then Jetspeed is the only company to choose. By choosing Jetspeed as your distribution company you are communicating professionalism, setting higher standards, and an image that reflects your company.

Dependability & Reliability:

Dependability and "ON TIME" delivery are important to our customers.  That's why we do not believe in excuses.  No missed deliveries, no broken down or worn out machinery.  We invest in brand new 2013 389 Peterbilt's with ultra-low emissions PDF exhaust and matching trailer to represent your company in style.

Custom Built Tankers:

When our customer receives a load of Aviatian fuel, apperarance and trust play a big part in building confience with the delivery of your jet.  Jet fuel delivery is very critical from the "white bucket" test, to the hydrometer test, to the name on the door assuring that the last and only product carried was aviation fuel.  Jetspeed built a custom tanker with one tihng in mind Aviation Fuel Delivery.  It took years of experience and a significant investment to build the most specialized tanker of its kind.  A new 2008 389 Peterbilt with the ultra low emissions 600hp ISX Cummings engine.  Also a custom built 2008 Weld-it semi-trailer.  since then we have built 3 more trucks including our latest and greatest 2013 389 Peterbilt.  Our custom built trailers are built with split loading heads for faster loading times and a single unloading point for faster unload times, a first for the Weld-It company.  It was built solely for the highest quality aviation fuel transportation in mind.  

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